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About Us

Our customers are homeowners who do not have the time or tools necessary to accomplish their painting project. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and expertise from beginning to end. 


We show our care for our customer by respecting what matters to them! Our painters work until the job is complete. And our crews are never assigned to two job sites at the same time. 


Our detailed proposals are in writing and our painters are paid directly by us. This means there are no surprises and you are never responsible for paying our painters on the side.


All areas being worked on are kept tidy from beginning to end: From where we park our vehicle to where we may leave our trailer; how we protect and shield your floors, furniture, and household items with drop cloths and plastic barriers, are all acknowledgement that we are your guests at all times! Our promise to you is to keep the work area tidy so when your project is all wrapped up, you will have had an enjoyable experience. Our goal is for you to be proud of the paint job and thrilled with the work. 


While our professionals are applying their craft you may want to have them do more painting for you. It’s our hope you build a professional relationship with our exceptional painters and in so doing, we will do our best to schedule you with the same crew for future projects you may have. 


As you can imagine, painting is a systematic process. Our proposals are generated from years of experience by implementing the most efficient processes to offer our customers the best value. As well as having special details within your proposal, you will be able to meet the lead painter assigned to you prior to the work starting. Our professional will explain how your project will flow noting areas you will need to have accessible for the work to move forward smoothly. 

Being in the dark is never fun! 

You will find it refreshing to have the lead painter in communication via text, with each day’s expected-time-of-arrival and the progress of your project. 

How do you get the roller rolling? You will need to schedule an initial visit of your site with our estimator. After the visit you will receive a free detailed estimate within 24 hours. Upon receiving your proposal you will need to get on our production schedule as soon as possible. Our estimator will walk you through the simple process of securing your slot on our production calendar. 


We look forward to amazing you! 

Andrew Owen

Drew is a local resident in the Kalamazoo - Battle Creek area for 25 years. He is a graduate of Kellogg Community College with an Associate in Applied Science Business Management and a graduate of Siena Heights University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and owner of Leading Edge Painter. 

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